About Hemusmark


In 1997  Hemusmark was privatised. It strengthened its position on the European markets.

In  2001 Kirchdorfer Gruppe, Austria through its own joint-stock company named  Brevillier Urban, bought the controlling interest, and later became a majority owner. This plays a strategic role for the transformation of the Bulgarian enterprise into an international company with traditions in the production of writing instruments of high standard and quality. Basic products with the brand name Jolly were the pencils with colour and black lead, water colours, felt-tip pens, markers.

In 2007 Hemusmark AD became part of the Czech company KOH-I-NOOR Holding. Investment projects for production of new products were developed. New technologies for the production process optimisation were implemented, fully compliant with the European quality and safety standards.

Since 2008 several new designs of  felt-tip pens were created  and also an exceptionally rich new office collection. Products were offered primarily under the brand name  , the traditional  , as well as with the brand names of our partners. Depending on clients’ preferences writing instruments can be produced with core body, hot stamped or screen printed on both sides, as well as in two colours. The design of the cards and packaging are also custom made.