1924 Tradition goes on

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Koh-I-Noor Hemusmark Jsc is the successor of Deveko General Partnership, founded in the fall of 1924 by a group of enthusiasts from the town of Burgas and nascent industrialists from the Velchevi family. The company started with the production of carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, inks and water colours, penholders, and even attained the title Purveyor to the Royal Household – acknowledgement of the company products quality. Every Bulgarian person remembers the pencils with the brand names Tehnikum, Musala, Orion, Kontor, pencils for glass, carpenter's pencils, crayon holders, colour crayons...

After the private enterprising here came the nationalisation and years of stagnation, when finally came the period 1965-1970, when with the arrival of a new generation of specialists started the modernisation, implementation of new technologies and assortments. Started the production of plastic pens, fillers, felt-tip pens, as well as self-adhesive tapes, printing paper for printer forms.



production technologies

  • Syringes compartment

    Injection molding is one of the most frequently used processes for the production of plastic parts and components, in particular, defining the vision of pens - bodies, caps and plugs.

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  • Screen printing

    Screen printing is a printing technology that enables you to print on plastic surfaces and parts with different configurations.

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  • Extrusion pads

    Main method for the production of extruded pads where through specialized head fed both fiber and melt plastic.

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  • Manufacture of PP bags

    Production of polypropylene bags kits pens, rollers, markers and more is done on automatic heat sealable hot welding line.

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  • Machine installation of writing products.

    The overall installation of various types of pens, rollers and markers are made on automated assembly machines, made in Germany.

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  • Machine packing of writing products

    Writing products are packed separately or in sets in plastic or cardboard packing.

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